August, 1969

Quote of the Month: "Humans are fallible. You know that. We all make mistakes. You all have problems in your day-to-day lives. The fog of war is much more difficult to penetrate than the problems of your day-to-day lives." Robert McNamara, US secretary of Defense under Kennedy and Johnson, chief architect of the Vietnam War, (in a speech at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, February 15, 1996).
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Sun Ashby S'tan Colors Priest 1 Alan at Mystic Arts 2 Murdock gone mad
3 Puke 7 4 Murdock come back 5 Ali the imposter 6 Sunshine on the Haight 7 Norm's undoing 8 Angels on a run 9 Angels accused
10 Puke 8 11 Black Murdock 12 Norm on acid 13 Tim's predicament 14 Ali gets there early 15 Ali barely escapes 16 Ali regroups
17 Puke 9 18 Keith's grief 19 Lucifer fumes 20 Murdock on the rebound 21 Combat 22 Mick miffed 23 Alan on opiates
24 Puke 10 25 Tim on time 26 Norm on 'Nam 27 Ali the abductor 28 on track 29 Sunshine swept away 30 The Mission
31 Puke 11NightColors Priest Camp Tab Mirror

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