August 30 Sunshine & Ali

I KNEW MY FATHER WOULD SEND SOMEONE after me eventually. When I left Livermore I dyed my hair and assumed a flower girl name. I didn't expect it to be so cloak-and-dagger, but my new life must have horrified Dad's spies.

After the mask there was a pill to "help me relax." I don't know how long I slept but it's cool here, by which I mean chilly, and I hear a lilting whine as if from unseen electronics. Maybe it's just in my dizzy head. Nothing but a narrow bed. Bare walls, window too high to see anything but a blue patch of sky. Knew it couldn't last, dropping out; but with my belt buckle full of stash it will NEVER go back to bad. I'm looking forward to bringing this back to Livermore. Maybe I'll infiltrate the freaks at Lawrence Labs, so steeped in their weird science they can't even see they're bound to blow us all up someday. Wonder what Murdock's up to. Maybe he'll give it a try.

In comes the suave rat in the soft brown hat. Weirdly, he's wearing one brown shoe, one blue.

"What took you so long to find me? Did you sucker Daddy into paying by the day?"

"Your father's a long way from all this, Carol."

"Then why do you know my name?"

"We need you to go on a mission. Are you prepared to leave your Laguna Beach life for many weeks, maybe months? No goodbyes?"

"Who are you? Where do you come from?"

"Nobody from the Brotherhood can afford to be away long enough. It would call too much attention to the church. "

"You're Brotherhood!" I wondered how I'd be called . This is how the Brotherhood of Eternal Love indoctrinates a sister!

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