August 27 Ali

THE SPIRITUAL AND THE SUPERSTITIOUS, when whipped to frenzy in a man's mind, can call concepts of evil and animosity, toward a counter-conceptual end, correct. Meaning is made on the basis of arbitrary numerical values assigned magical merit by superstitious society. Case in point: the zero at the end of the forthcoming year. There must be a die cast for the danger still omnipresent before the inception of the 70s. It is imperative to "ring in the new" decade with a harbinger of disunity and cataclysm--the end of youth idealism--implying a need for sobriety and guarded skepticism.

I've been watching her for weeks now, my Mata Hari, and I don't think anyone will miss her. There's enough going on at the Brotherhood so nobody will think to poke around--just another hippie girl had her day, gone her way. As a matter of fact, it's made it all lamentably convenient. It might have been nice, a little more danger.

Oh, my dear, dear child . . . your father is further away from you now than ever--than when you flirted promiscuously with Sam in the park, than when you hawk on the Haight. Nobody will miss you, flower child, after you have been picked.  If there is anyone who can supply the decoy to plant the bait it's my strawberry straw girl.

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