August 8 Alan

AWFUCK! . . . Angels all dance by firelight--no! Angels are firelight, breaking the black air with whoops and leaps like awgawd! I didn't think I had this much party in me when a little red gets into my belly that's when I go! go! go!

Most everyone on this run's got a mama but instead of them heading into the woods to get off it's like the first time I got on the road with the guys when I was a prospect. Mesmerized by the flames, drunk on Bud and the perfume of pine and fire, we stomp and holler like the devil himself, the old ladies sitting by and grunting not-all comfortably that boys will be boys. They don't get it. A woman never gets the devil in her.

The wind we make whips licks of fire up and the great redwoods quake. Branches tremble. Needles quiver to the ground. Earth shudders.

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