Color Phase

 MANY SHIFTS MAY OCCUR  in natural experience.  Shiftiness amounts to what we perceive as necessary deceit for the sake of the sanctity of an elected allegiance, whether national or ideological. When "Ronald Stark" conspired with operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency to upset the beatitude of LSD in the estimations of the youth community, he got a lot more than he bargained for. When his poisonous imposter for Orange Sunshine debuted, the mayhem that ensued exterminated a decade, its accomplishments and idiosyncracies. Sure, I knew all about Khouri Ali . . . but did he know me?  I think so. When he worried about the Pentagram (er, I mean -gon)it really stoked my coals. He sang my name in his sleep. He really had something: the vehicle for demonic deliverance, the li'l yella pill. Ali never got half as much done with the PLO or the Dalai Lama, but I liked Stark, although I kept my chips on Keith and Mick, my magisterial king and queen.

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