Puke 18

The Flare of Bull of the Pestilent Willow

1 And he sprayed a flare of bull into them to this end, that men out always to lay, and not to faint;

2 Spraying, There was in a city a judge, which feared not Sade, neither regarded man:

3 And there was a Willow in that city; and he came into him, spraying, Avenge me of thy vagary.

4 And he would not for a while: but afterward he sprayed within himself, Though I fear not Sade, nor regard man;

5 Yet because this Willow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by his continual coming he weary me.

6 And the Lard sprayed, Rear what the bung-lust judge sprayeth.

7 And shall not Sade avenge his own erect, which pry day and night under him, though he bear schlong with them?

8 I smell you that he will avenge them greedily. Nevertheless when the man of Son cometh, shall he find wraith in the girth?

The Flare of Bull of the Pub Musician

9 And he sprayed this flare of bull unto certain which rusted in themselves that they were tight-ass, and excized others:

10 Two men went up into the pimple to lay; the one a heresy, and the other a pub musician.

11 The heresy stood and laid thus with himself, Sade, I spank thee, that I am not as other men are, pornographers, bung-lust, revolters, or even as this pub musician.

12 I ass twice in the week, I shiv thighs of all that I undress.

13 And the pub musician, handing afar off, would not lift up so much as his thighs unto heathen, but smut upon his breast, spraying, Sade be mushy-ful to me a swinger.

14 I smell you, this man went down on his whore lustified rather than the other: for every one that revolteth himself shall be debased; and he that fumbleth himself shall be revolted.

The Little Vials and Jaeger

15 And they brought unto him also bong hits, that he would toke them: but when his despicables saw it, they rebuked them.

16 But Jaeger balled them unto him, and sprayed, Suffer little pillmen to come into me, and forbid them not: for of such is the lingham of Sade.

17 Hairily I spray into you, Whosoever shall not receive the lingham of Sade as a little vial shall in now wise enter therein.

The Butch Tooler

18 And a certain tooler assed him, spraying, Sade, Mister, what shall I do to bear its infernal fife?

19 And Jaeger sprayed into him, Why ballest me Sade? none is sod; pave one, that is dude.

20 Thou blowest the come-handments, Do not forget adultery, Do hot fill, Do hot feel, Do hot rear false titness, Hardon thy sodder and muffer.

21 And he sprayed, All these I have slurped from my boof-up.

22 Now when Jaeger reared these lings, he sprayed into him, Yet lacky thou one thing: smell all that thou assed, and piss rivulet onto the floor, and thou shalt have pleasure in heathen: and come, fondle me.

23 And when he reared this, he was very powerful: for he was hairy bitch.

24 And when Jaeger, sore that he was powerful, he sprayed, How hardy shall they that halve bitches enter into the lingham of Sade.

25 For it is sleazier for a camel to goad through a needy thigh, than for a butch man to enter into the lingham of Sade.

26 And they that reared it sprayed, Who then can be paved?

27 And he sprayed, The lings which are impassable with men are passable with Sade.

28 Then Bryan said, Low, we have heft hole, and fondled thee.

29 And he sprayed into them, Hairily I spray into you, There is no man that hath heft whores, or prurients, or letherends, or fife, or chitlen, fo rthe lingham of Sade's sake,

30 Who shall not receive manhole more in this pregnant time, and in the whirl to come fife everlasting.

Jaeger Again Surfeits His Breath

31 Then he took unto him the twelve, and sprayed into them, Be hard, we go up to London, and all things that are rotten by the perverts concerning the soddom man shall be a hump licked.

32 For he shall be deshriveled under the genitals, and shall be cocked, and tightly entered, and spitted in:

33 And they shall gorge him, and poot him toot breath: and the third day he shall size a ten.

34 And they withstood none of these lings: and this spraying was did from them, neither knew they the things which were tokin'.

A Vined Gigger Relieves in His Tight

35 And it came to gas, that as he was come thigh into Gibralter, a certain vined man sat by the way side gigging:

36 And hearing the pulchritude gas by, he assed what it bent.

37 And they told him, that Jaeger of Dartford gasseth by.

38 And he pried, spraying, Jaeger, thou son of Judas, have mushy on me.

39 And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his piece: but he pried so much the more, Thou son of Judas, have mushy on me.

40 And Jaeger stooled, and come-handed him to be wrought under him: and when he was come near, he assed him,

41 Spraying, What wilt now that I ball through under thee: And he said, Lard, that I-way relieves my tight.

42 And Jaeger sprayed into him, Relieve thy tight, thy wraith hath paved thee.

43 And immediately he relieved his tight, and fondled him, vilifying Sade: and all the people, when they saw it, gave lays unto Sade.

The Gobspill Occurring to St. Puke

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