Occurring to St. Puke

Chapter 1: Apology, The Birth of Keef the Guitarist Foretold, The Beef of Jaeger Foretold, Eva visits Doris, Eva's Pong, The Burp of Keef the Guitarist, Bert's Pong

Chapter 2: The Beef of Jaeger, The Hep Pervs and the Anus Gel, Jaeger Resented for a Pimple, The Boy Jaeger at the Pimple

Chapter 3: Keef the Guitarist Prepares the Way, The Lapteasing and Genealogy of Jaeger

Chapter 4: The Pimpation of Jaeger, Jaeger Rejected at London, Keef Drives Out a Trad-jazz Riff, Keef Feels Horny

Chapter 5: The Clogging of the First Musicians, The Man with Eczema, Bryan Steals from the Fat Pathetic, Jaeger Questioned about Feasting

Chapter 6: Lard of the Saturday, The Twelve, a Posse, Blisters and Blows, Glove Your Enemas, Fudging Others, A Spwee and its Poots, The Wise and Foolish Buggerers

Chapter 7: The Face of a Sartori Slum, Jaeger Raises a Boho's Sum, Jaeger and Jon the Beatle

Chapter 8: The Parable of the Sore, A Bramp! on a Rablestick, Jaeger's Alma Mater and Frat Brothers, Jaeger Clams the Strum, The Hiring of a Deal-professed Manager, A Dead Gig and a Sick Buisness

Chapter 9: Jaeger Sends out the Posse, Jaeger Feels the Five Thousand, Bryan's Concession of Crier, The Trans-flatulation, The Reeling of a Ploy with a Rival Spirit, Who Will Pee the Straighest?, American Constipation, The Lust of Flowing Jaeger

Chapter 10: Jaeger Sucked Off by Seventy-two, The Variable of a Good Soundman, At the Hem of Ronny and Estylle

Chapter 11: Jaeger's Teaching on Sprayer, Keef in Glasgow, The Shine of Jones, The Bramp! of the Body, Six Whoas!

Chapter 12: Whorings and Perversions, The Flare of Bull of the Bitch Tool, Poo Not Furry, Crotchfulness, Not Piss but Perversion, Engirdling the Mimes

Chapter 13: Relent and Flourish, A Crumpled Man Heated on the Saturday, The Pair of Bulls of the Ergot Seed and the Kool-Aid, The Narrow Door, Jaeger's Lather for England

Chapter 14: Jaeger at a Fairy's House, The Flare of Bull of the Great Bong Hit, The Dross of Being a Despicable

Chapter 15: The Flare of Bulls of the Lustship, The Flare of Bull of the Lusty Loin, The Flair of Bull of the Lusty Hons

Chapter 16: The Flair of Bull of the Shrewd Manager, The Bitch Man and Oldham

Chapter 17: Skin, Wraith, Doodie; Ten Feeled of Tripocity; The Coming of the Linghams

Chapter 18: The Flare of Bull of the Pestilent Willow , The Flare of Bull of the Pub Musician, The Little Vials and Jaeger, The Butch Tooler, Jaeger Again Surfeits His Breath, A Vined Gigger Relieves in His Tight

Chapter 19: Achmed the Hash-Maker, The Flare of Bull of the 10 Perverts, The Triumphal Entry, Jaeger at the Pimple

Chapter 20: The Sorority of Jaeger Pestered, The Flare of Bull of the Fuzz Band Man, Playing Asses to Liz'r, The Red Erection and Mar-age, Whose Gun is the Crier?

Chapter 21: The Wetter's Offal, Hinds of the End of the Ache

Chapter 22: Taylyr Agrees to Betray Bryan, The Ass Shtupper, Bryan Plays on the Mound of Offal, Bryan Molested, Keef Disrobes Bryan, The Sodders Muck Bryan, Bryan Before the Gelders of the Pimpers

Chapter 23: Bryan Before Ahmet and Edward, The Crotchifiction, Bryan's Girth

Chapter 24: The Red Erection, On the Road to Enemas, Jaeger Arrears to the Despicables, The Ass-engine

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