Tim 2PM

A PAINTER, YES, BUT AN ACTION PAINTER. I can't determine how the wind, canvas, rain--all will conspire to influence the paint which, after all, I just splash on.

I couldn't have been aware of the extraordinary reaction between Angels and acid at this event. I mean, Kesey has fed it to them and they more-or-less get mellow. But it was no doubt a help to have lots of wine around too and willing girls.

When they take it as a macho thing and I see some stuffing whole fistfuls of pills into fierce bearded jaws I know we are going to have an exceptional experiment on our hands. When you put that together with harrowing atmospheric conditions, trials of patience and propriety, and lead-loaded pool cues--well, I'm a little crestfallen when I see the hammer come down. Half the fans are still on their way, but I have to leave early. It'll be easier to integrate into understanding this experience-gone-awry--blows akimbo!--in the form of tomorrow's paper.

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