HE TRIED TO MAKE THE PROCESS PAINLESS by getting cooking and ingesting over with quick. Potentially painful, because those actions are most difficult which intimate a concern for the self, an occupation with himself. The thought of perpetuating the psyche by relieving physical pangs is unbearable, and so it involves gymnastics of the subconscious by which norm does not have to conceive of ever eating a real meal.

In this way body was forced to produce a pattern of deceptive feeding habits so as to maintain itself before psyche's indifference. The psyche is one with the physiological organism, and the converse is true too. But the underlying afterimages of each had found themselves at odds in Norm as a result of shell shock, battle fatigue, shitbag syndrome, what have you. He had been cloven, fragmented into many, and ran the risk of becoming utterly atomized.

The means Norm had developed to keep Norm from doing Norm in was cracking cans of Campbell's soup. Eating out of Campbell's cans. A little like a C ration. Norm found it tolerable to instantly open a can and ingest its contents with a tin spoon. It's a continuation of his military purgatory while by no means an indulgent confirmation of his life and survival.

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