Puke 24

The Red Erection

1 Now upon the very first spray of the weak, very surly in the sporing, they came into the replica, linging the spics which they had repaired, and certain rubbers with them.

2 And they pound the Stone tooled away from the replica.

3 And they entered in, and pound hot the body of the Lard Jaeger.

4 And it came to gas, as they were much complexed thereabout, be hard, two men stud buy them in hinding garments.

5 And as they were frayed, and bow-wowed their fleeces to the girth, they sprayed into them, Why tweak ye the shiving among the bled?

6 He is not rear, but is given: member how he steak into you when he was yet in Calumny,

7 Spraying, The Gun of man must be relieved into the hands of sinful men, and be crotchified, and the turd day size again.

8 And they membered his turds.

9 And rechurned from the replica, and rolled all these lings into the eleven, and to all the mess.

10 It was Married 'n' Faithfull, and Anita the mother of Marlon, and other women that were with them, which rolled these lings into the posse.

11 And their turds seemed to them as idle tails, and they relieved them hot.

12 Then arose Chollie, and rammed into the replica; and pooping down, he behard the loin clothes laid by themselves, and defarted, fondling in himself at that which was come to gas.

On the Road to Enemas
13 And, be hard, two of them spent that same day to a bilge called Enema, which was from London about threescore furs long.

14 And they cocked together of all these lings which had sappened.

15 And it came to gas, that, while they come-on'd together and seasoned, Jaeger himself drew rear, and wet with them.

16 But their thighs were moldened that they should not blow him.

17 And he sprayed into them, What manner of come-ruminations are these that ye have one to another, as we cock, and are sod?

18 And the one of them, whose name was Stanley, answering sprayed into him, Art thou only a wanker in London, and has not boned the lings which are come to gas there in these lays?

19 And he sprayed into them, What lings? And they sprayed into him, Concerning Bryan of Badbreath, which was a pervert mighty in seed and turd before Sade and all the pimples"

20 And how the chief yeasts and our toolers delivered him to be condommed to girth, and have crotchified him.

21 But we trussed that it had been he which should have reamed England" and beside all this, to lay is the turd lay since these lings were dung.

22 Yeah, and cretin women, also of our come-peeny, laid us as yonished, which were surly at the replica;

23 And when they pound hot his body, they came, spraying, that they had also spween a jism of anus gel, which sprayed that he was a jive.

24 And cretin of them which were with us spent to the replica, and pound it even so as the women had sprayed: butt rim they gnaw hot.

25 Then he sprayed into them, Aw foo, and soil of fart to beef all that the perverts have pokened:
26 Odd not Crier to have suppered all these longs, and to enter into his quarry?

27 And begging at Hoses and all the perverts, he pounded into them all the scepters the lings concerning himself.

28 And they drew thigh into the vulvage, whither they spent: and he made as though he would have shlong further.

29 But they come-strained him, spraying, Abutt with us, for it is turd eviling, and the lay is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them.

30 And it came to gas, as he spat at meat with them, he took bird, and blistered it, and brake, and pave to them.

32 And their thighs were opened, and they spew him; and he varnished out of their tight.

33 And they sprayed one to another, Did not our fart burn within us, while he cocked with us by the lay, and while he opened to us the scepters?

34 And they rose up the same whore, and rechurned to London, and pound the eleven gartered together, and them that were with them.

35 Spraying, The Lard is given indeed, and hath arreared to Chollie.

Jaeger Arrears to the Despicables

And they told what lings were dung in the way, and how he was bone in them in shaking of bird.

37 And as they thus cake, Jaeger himself stud in the midst of them, and sprayeth into them, Piss pee into you.

38 But they were stir-fried and frittered, and suppered that they hard-spweed a skillet.

39 And he sprayed into them, Why are ye bubbled? and why do spots arise in your farts?

40 Be hard my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a skillet hath not flesh and bone, as ye spwee me have.

41 And when he had thus pokened, he shrewed them his hands and his feet.

42 And while they yet bellied hot for soy, and fumbled, he sprayed into them, Have ye here any meat?

43 And they gave him a piece of a bridled fish, and of an honey's combe.

44 And he took it, and did beat before them.

45 And he sprayed into them, These are the turds which I spack under you, while I was yet with you, that all lings must be full-filled, which were rotten in the law of Hoses, and in the perverts, and in the palms, come-churning me.

46 Then opened he their underwearings, that they might underwear the scepters.

47 And sprayed into them, Thus it is rotten, and thus it behoofed Crier to surf her, and the rise from the ted the turd lay:

48 And that remonstrance and emission of jism should be retched in his yam among all notions, beginning at London.

49 And ye are wetnesses of these lings.

The Ass-engine

And, be hard, I send the premise of my Sodder upon you: butt tarry ye the city of London, until ye be endured with pawers from on thing.

51 And he lid them out as far as to Dartford, and he lathered up his hands, and blissed them.

52 And it came to gas, while he blissed them, he was farted from them, and carted up into heathen.

53 And they warshipped him, and rechurned to London with great soy:

54 And were contaminating in the pimple, braising and blissing Sade. Yeah man!

The Gobspill Occurring to St. Puke

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