October 4 Mick

MICK SAID MICK SAID MICK SAID. Can't tell how many times I heard someone say Mick said. Lost its meaning to me, really. But a lot of the other outers use it liberally and with feeling. I'm Mick, damnit. Stop throwing my name around like you know me! I don't really like singing about killing people. But that's what came out of me and damnit if that's not to be held onto religiously as sentiments of love and confusion. You know what it means because everyone, whether or not they admit (even to themselves) remembering has wanted to paint all that cheerful shit and the not-so-cheery black as night. Without the stars. The confounded, bloody monotonous stars!

Have you seen your mother baby . . . that should have been a hit. Why it was the first of six not to make it means as much about how Americans feel about a fella in a dress as it does about their fickle tastes musically. The cacophony was red hot. Keith's end drone is a presentiment of all the metal and madness to come.

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