October 24 Mick

WHAT CAN A POOR BOY DO, septa play for a rock 'n' roll band? That's the line in my head. Pissed off, say the cats. And not a drop in me.

Feelin' sorry for yourself again, ay? That's what I hear Brian say. Hear him most often in limousines. Twice in the loo. Every now and then on a helicopter, where I can really be alone. Not who you're thinking. A kid who used to tease in school. It wasn't so bad, looking back. But those words always meant a beating instead. Best cure for pity, he used to say, that's what watching a sore spot bruise can do!

Everybody gets beat up in their time. But some people got used to it. There's a market for it, violence. That's a line for a song, but not one of mine.

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