Orange Sunshine
BILLY HITCHCOCK (until the summer of 1969) and Ronald Stark (after the summer of 1969) were successive investors in a West Coast church called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. As Brotherhood patrons, Hitchcock and Stark acquired ingredients for two different generations of LSD-25 distributed under the name Orange Sunshine. Hitchcock Orange Sunshine amounted to about ten million hits produced in Windsor, California by Nick Sand and Tim Scully until June, 1969. It was endorsed by Timothy Leary "above all other brands" and attributed with "cosmic influences" ( Lee and Shlain, 243). After Hitchcock's money laundering was uncovered and his Orange Sunshine dried up, an unknown who went by the name Stark showed up to sponsor production. 1960s historians speculate that some of Stark's Orange Sunshine may not have been LSD at all. 

Legend has it there was a girl named Sunshine, a flower child, who inspired chemists, financiers, and high priests alike

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