Lucifer midnight

WHETHER THERE WAS A GUN OR NOT is immaterial in the case of Meredith Hunter. Meredith Hunter is mine, an offering, although his soul resides elsewhere. In the case of The State of California versus Alan Passaro, well, the imposition of a gun image on peoples' consciousness and recollection had a certain sedative effect on all the participants, prosecution and defense, who recognizing in the powerful aura around the defendant the case as already dead, merely chose to proceed with formalities in order to appease a troublesome conscience on the part of the broader public and testified as to the presence of the disappearing pistol.

I planted seeds in everyone's heads. Journalists reported it with mind-bending accuracy. Booth, for example, from on top of a film crew's truck, as much as observed the nickle plating. He also saw the knife jump from the loving hands of my Mexican Mata Hari. Patty saw him pull it out, and almost went too far when second guessing in her testimony that it was actually an Angel who commuted the sentence: "I thought he was, was a Hell's Angel, but I wasn't quite sure because he had the jeans jacket on, but I couldn't see the back to see if it had colors on it." Ha! As if a hippie could have kicked his head in and guarded the dying boy to make sure he wouldn't get help. Remind me to circulate a memo telling my operatives to beware of overkill on the intimidation tactics. Even Mick from behind the scrim witnessed a flashing as if metallic from the area of the skirmish.

Funny that people even said it happened during my song. While actually it was "Under my Thumb."

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