Low Self-determination

THAT LSD WAS A BANE TO ME. Talk about catalysis! A potential killer (two strong arms, two good legs, the blood lust you're these days not so much born with as fork fed by meat industry and fast food factories, especially postwar . . . boom!) takes a needle-eye of this silvery silt and pretty soon he's riding the camel right into the realm of pacifism and self-satiety! Holy shit! This was an occasion for serious retaliation. No doubt the occasion for this agent was cooked up much in advance of the construction of the placid Swiss labs, somewhere in the beakers on the Bunsen burners of his shitface sweetness hymnself, Gawd "Happy" McGuillicutty. The recipe of its reaction was right off a blueprint for my eventual destruction, cutting to the heart of my deepest deceits: the foremost being deceit!

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