THERE WAS NEVER A QUESTION UNTIL THEY GOT THERE, saw slaughter, heard the other side of the story, even. But by that point it was too late, the suckers were now grunts, and they would be processed through the whole sausage grinder until themselves in plastic encased: body, mind, or both. What satisfaction to watch them fall to the most massive deceit perpetrated by me and mine since, well, since the one that had kept the US from fighting in the last of the great world tricks! But by '69 the deceived had long been coming back, and serving as example by their mere stunned, stung, and dumbstruck presence if not by speeches and civil resistance. Then there were the droves getting their eyes opened before ever serving my insidious purpose by taking that pure purple (or orange, or pink, or . . .) pill and connecting two and two: hey! these visions are spectacular and horrific . . . I don't want to kill! Something like that.

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