July 7 Sunshine

THE FELLAS HERE ARE SUCH SWEETHEARTS. And there's a feeling so pure about working with brothers and sisters to disseminate the good stuff: health food, wholesome information, the tools to free your mind . . . MYSTIC ARTS WORLD. Some of the Brotherhood are working on ways to make it so they can sell not just the paraphernalia, but the holy substance too! There's burly Farmer John at the helm, the bright-eyed Mr. Billy a money bag behind the scenes, and, in a million places at once, that trippy Harvard drop-out who went to bed with the freaky Beatle and his wigged-out wife. My first week on the job and they already trust me to close. My first week as me. When the church gets full-fledged I'm going to be a Sister, and although they joke about patriarchy I know they'll eventually give up some spirit to the female among us as well: running rituals, administering sacrament, redeeming souls!

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