July 3 Keith

I DI'N KNOW IT WAS FOOL.He was floating in air. I di'n know it was fool. He thought he'd found that out-of-body astral projection a whole flock of gurus had told him about. I di'n know it was fool, the pool. He didn't know it was full.

I was in bed at Redlands when I heard Brian's cosmic song. Bolted upright and out the window saw him breast stroke by. Hadn't been to a party with him since he'd been asked to leave. Missed him.

Brian is dead, Mick's maybe getting in a little deep, and all I can do is keep thinking of this freaky little ditty:

some drugs make me breakfast / some drugs serve me tea / some drugs leave me spitting up / my yesterday's corned beef

I think I'm going out of my head.

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