July 24 Ali

WHAT'S ALL THIS TALK OF ORANGE SUNSHINE? Is she a drug or is it a girl?  They're making it impossible for an honest double-agent to gather intelligence.  I understand when something goes by many names, but when many things share one that's confounding, communist, crackpot Confucianism.  What's happening to this country?  Last week Potus appointed a panel to 'possum hunt in the Pentagon.  Next thing you know the right hand is chopped off by the left.

A brief history of America: The nation expands and exceeds its capacity to furnish young bastards with uncharted terrain. Even so, they migrate like lemmings until it looks like the time for finally a cliff. Kesey and his rogues call the shot when they lay out the destination for this hapless trip: FURTHUR. But it can't be done with trucks, no how. Neither can it be done with drugs, not yet.

They offer me girls, money, and drugs. But the real initiative to play this game a little dirtily is my country (concept). The country (people) are not ready for any illuminated excursions into the wonder of what pharmacology has wrought. Having tried educational, philanthropic, and scientific societies, I understand that subterfuge will be the only means of extraditing the irresponsible element getting in the way of this nation's manifest destiny.

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