July 14 Sunshine

WHEN HE CAME INTO THE STORE today I knew our attraction was cosmic. He shone like Jupiter and I glowed like a moon. I mean it! That smile is wider than Leary's (and teeth cleaner, too) and black leather hugged his James-Dean rear like second fucking skin! Mm!

When I got the jist of his job I told him I make T-shirts, and we spent an hour flirting about what his would say. All the time I was DYING for him to take off his shirt, black cotton, but I guessed it would have to wait until I make him an alternative. When he slipped his shirt over his head anyway and handed it to me--a deposit, is what I think he had to say--his big chest muscles and curly black hair absorbed all my light like a black hole, and I was struck dumb for love.

I never really went for looks, but man! does this kid knock me out!

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