July 10 Keith

YEAH, THEY MIGHT BE READY. But for what? Who wants to give a kid a chance to take a gun for the first time and get shot by someone who is a professional all along? Some of the people coming backstage to try to convince Mick and me to fire the first shot I thought were plants from your CIA and FBI, if not there to entrap us then to use us to get the cats to stick their necks out. It's a lose/lose situation, with all of us scrawny and scraggy and the man's knives were sharp and I mean sharp.

Maybe they're ready in New York or LA. Things are hairy around the schools and in the streets, and our music scores it like an opera of rape and riot. But then sticking your neck out is another thing altogether when you got a baby, a kid growing up. Every time I look at Marlon I remember, maybe the way it works ain't that bad, like I always knew money was neither a good nor an evil but just an entity to be reckoned with on the trip.

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