Green suit

THE FIRST SUIT WAS AQUA BLUE and although I admit the color was cool it gave my face an unpretty pallor and the overall effect was that of a bruise.

Then the man brought me the crazy green and while it wasn't originally what I had in mind I thought back to the joshing of the guys at the park and as a matter of fact it occurred to me I do look good in green, although this was a far cry from drab. I tried it on and it was loose but sharp, creases and cuffs falling in all the right places still giving me room to breathe. I'll take it, I said, without looking at the price.

The man said, "Take off the jacket and I'll take it in for you a little there at the shoulders." That gave me an idea and I said wait. You should of seen the look on his face when I lifted my chin and jumped in place, hunching my shoulders one at a time and pumping my hands at my sides, holding my arms over my head and releasing an imaginary ball. I'll take it as is.

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